Chairman’s Remarks – Tespok Autism Marathon

Chairman’s Remarks


Thank you for your continued support in the growth of TESPOK directly or indirectly. We recently celebrated the 20 years anniversary of Kenya Internet Exchange Point, a key milestone for our industry and our country. We are immensely grateful for the support over the years.

In our next step to serving you, we purpose to focus on encouraging a more inclusive society where everyone’s perspective contributes to developing our country sustainably.

We therefore, urge you to Join us as we kick-start our inaugural Autism half marathon on 27th November 2022. We are actively choosing to be part of the solution in driving a journey to creating an inclusive community. We believe that we must tap into everyone’s perspective to drive innovation, for now and the future.
The theme of the Marathon is Be a hero for autism-accept, understand and love.

All proceeds after expenses will go towards raising funds to support children with autism. A huge part of the support will include therapy since it is costly for most families.

I urge you to massively come out to support this initiative which is a start to a longer journey of TESPOK’s active participation in growing together with the country.

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